Monday, February 5, 2007

Have You Ever Been Mellow

Age is catching up, Life has been mellowed out...

These are my first feels in the year of 2007. January is gone, Chinese New Year is round the corner. At least there is something to look forward to.

Talking about Chinese New Year, it's my all time favorite festival. There is not a year that i didnt spend my Chinese New Year on the island. For past 41 years, i was grounded on the island at least the first 4 or 5 days during this festival holidays. No travelling plan will be made.

Why i like so much about Chinese New Year???

Bet it's becasue i was born in Penang, the little garden of the East. When i was small i liked it because of the many joy i had; new clothes, new shoes, holidays, red packet, fire cracker, good food, got to play cards and mahjong!!!!! hahahaha, life was wonderful then and still is as of today!!!!

At 42, i look at Chinese New Year still the same. Festival of many happiness, though new clothes is not a must for me any more.
I still look forward very much to this festive season. My festive mood for celebration raises few weeks before Chinese New Year.
I shall be eager to go shopping, for myself and my family. I shall be eager to enjoy the festive atmosphere, environment and the decoration in shopping malls. The red clothes, The festoon, The prosperous greetinigs ecetera ecetera that ligth up the malls, streets and even houses.

This year i reckon lots of us will have at least one week holidays. Joo just sent me an email that he would reach Pg next Wednesaday. I am sure we shall have a busy year again this time. Lots of eating, gatheing, gambling ecetera ecetera... hahahahaha... i am waiting for valentine day to come.. not that i shall celebrate it, but i would go back home on that day!!! Happy Valentine and Happ Chinese New Year in advance!!!! Cheers!!!!

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