Monday, February 5, 2007

Have You Ever Been Mellow

Age is catching up, Life has been mellowed out...

These are my first feels in the year of 2007. January is gone, Chinese New Year is round the corner. At least there is something to look forward to.

Talking about Chinese New Year, it's my all time favorite festival. There is not a year that i didnt spend my Chinese New Year on the island. For past 41 years, i was grounded on the island at least the first 4 or 5 days during this festival holidays. No travelling plan will be made.

Why i like so much about Chinese New Year???

Bet it's becasue i was born in Penang, the little garden of the East. When i was small i liked it because of the many joy i had; new clothes, new shoes, holidays, red packet, fire cracker, good food, got to play cards and mahjong!!!!! hahahaha, life was wonderful then and still is as of today!!!!

At 42, i look at Chinese New Year still the same. Festival of many happiness, though new clothes is not a must for me any more.
I still look forward very much to this festive season. My festive mood for celebration raises few weeks before Chinese New Year.
I shall be eager to go shopping, for myself and my family. I shall be eager to enjoy the festive atmosphere, environment and the decoration in shopping malls. The red clothes, The festoon, The prosperous greetinigs ecetera ecetera that ligth up the malls, streets and even houses.

This year i reckon lots of us will have at least one week holidays. Joo just sent me an email that he would reach Pg next Wednesaday. I am sure we shall have a busy year again this time. Lots of eating, gatheing, gambling ecetera ecetera... hahahahaha... i am waiting for valentine day to come.. not that i shall celebrate it, but i would go back home on that day!!! Happy Valentine and Happ Chinese New Year in advance!!!! Cheers!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Old Turkey Buzzard - Mckenna's Gold

Old turkey buzzard, old turkey buzzard,

flying, flying high...

buzzard's awaiting
he's just awaiting.....

this song was sung by Jose Feliciano and i supposed written by Quincy Jones... and the movie "The Mckenna's gold" starred by Gregory Peck and Omar Shariff..

I remember my childhood life, full of cowboys and red indians.. the galloping of the horses, the shouting and yelling of the red indians.. the marching of the cavalry.. the gun shots, the poker game, the liquor... etc..

And of course the game that me and my childhood friends played couldnt run away from this cowboy and red indian theme. Everyone wanted to be the good cowboy who got the chance to shoot at the red indians. I was fortunate one as i always got the chance to play cowboy, wearing my hat and carrying a gun at my waist!!!! hahahahahaha.... those were the days...

Looking back, i wonder where have all my childhood friends gone???? long time passing..... i just wonder... God bless them..

Monday, January 22, 2007

Clouds in my coffee - You're so vain

Sorry, im not talking bad about anyone nor am I making any comment.

Clouds in my coffee... this phrase is from my all time favorite song : You're So Vain

This song made debut when i was 7 in 1972 by Carly Simon.

I only came to know it when i was in secondary school. I still remember that time we were crazy for catching up with "top of the pops" and "Solid Gold" musical program.

Music was our lives then. Would have scored a distinction if it's an examination.

You're so vain,
you'll probably think this song is about you
You're so vain,
I'll bet you think this song is about you
Don't you? Don't You?

Besides this song, Carly does have others that are my favorite..

"Nobody does it better" from the hit in the movie
"the spy who loves me"."Let the river run" from "the working girl" etc's coming around again.. time to listen Carly Simon's CD...


Nobody's diary

It's about life!

How well we know about life?

It's about relationship!

How well we know about relationship?

It's about love!how well we know about love?

Love each other or.... Perish


Maria says, Uncle Lim says

The hills are alive with the sound of music.

I go to the hills when my heart is lonely..My heart will be blessed...

"picture!!! "picture!!!"..... The sound of Genting Highland!!!!


To laugh or to cry

During cny holidays i went back to my hometown, a lovely island.. i had a 10 great days there, too many things to do... not enough time to spend.

One strange incidence happened in one strange night... a friend sms me asking if i wanted to go
for nice food near his place..

I replied him saying i couldn’t make it because i already had appointment that night..

Hmmm.. he replied me, saying that not that night lar, it's breakfast next morning..

Oops.. never mind, i replied him immediately asking where and when...

The sms stopped!!!!!! no reply... hmmm...never mind sugar

Tne next morning 6am!!!! a sms came thru my handphone...
"come pick u up around 8am to 8.15am"


(6am in the morning!!! please please please)

I left my hand phone on not to receive this kind of message.. it's for emergency.
The best was, when i brought up the 6am sms matter during breakfast with him hrs later...

"it's very reasonable what, to send sms at 6am" he said

Friends, don’t ever send me a sms at 6am unless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy


No fool like an old fool

You know,talking about april fool yesterday, i met with another fool incidence. i don’t really know if i was the fool or they were the fools... this is what happened.....

I usually finished gym at around 8.30pm. I would then go to the bakery to buy some buns for breakfast the next day. So last night, i did the same. After the bakery i went for my "light dinner" at "yik min" store where they sell toast / eggs / coffee etc. I only mentioned the three that are my favorite. As usual i asked for "hot milo", "toast with kaya only" and "two 3/4 boiled eggs". Last nite the usual auntie who served me was not there, another one was. She made nice milo and toast for me while i was waiting for the eggs to get "3/4 boiled". She then went away. The lady who used to serving me was back and got the eggs for me and ask me if i need them to boil more??? hehehehehe, how nice of her..I said nope, that will be fine since it's after 5 minutes in hot boiling water.. I then broke the eggs, hehehehehe...very very funny... The eggs were not hot at all, just luke warm and they are almost hard boiled..

man oh man... what should i do then???Just finished them and leave. I know my frustration came abruptly, how could these two ladies??????

My smile was gone, my face was stiff. i finished up and paid. But before i go, i told the ladies "Next time, if you serve me with this kind of eggs, i will return them. Don’t ever cheat on people. It is not nice, not nice at all" I then walked away....Really, there is no fool like an old fool...who?Me?or the two ladies??God knows...